OTSI's Transmittal Systems:

We have several ways of transmitting files: TASP and Files to Go (or FTP).

1. TASP (Transcription Application Service Provider)


  1. Doctor dictates into a system using the land phones or cellphones, dictaphones, or hand-held recorders. Once the doctor has dictated he sends the files into the TASP via the web portal to a secured server. This server, which is fully HIPAA compliant, automatically makes a duplicate copy which will be on the server securely held for five days (after which is archived and can be recalled for a fee) and then automatically transmits the file to our facility. All communications to and from the server is done via 128-bit SSL encrypted transmission. Making a duplicate and sending the files to our facility is done in less than 12 seconds.
  2. The voice/data file is accessed via the web in our facilities and transcribed in accordance with the instructions of client. Once the OTSI team has finished working on the files, the transcribed file is sent back to the TASP server.
  3. The transcribed file is sent to the respective physician's web portal. There the doctor can view it and accept the transcription by electronically signing the document. The file can then be migrated into the doctor's or hospitals existing system. A distribution/faxing/printing system can even be set up for the larger clinics and hospitals (for an additional fee).

Important reminder: To access TASP, one must be a subscriber to any one of the numerous systems available. If user is not a current subscriber, there is additional cost of subscription and installing software. There is also a regular fee per line of usage.

2. FilesToGo

Many progressive MT companies are already using this because it is very affordable and works as well as any TASP. What's great is this is chargeable to us and is absolutely free to you and the hospital. And because it is so affordable, imagine its impact on our rates - definitely lower because we don't have cost recovery to worry about!

Some features of FilesToGo:

3. FTP

Please get in touch with us for details.