Medical/General Transcription

For Medical Transcription (MT), we do acute care, operative reports, radiology, oncology, cardiology, psychiatry, physical therapy/rehab reports, consultations, follow-ups, office notes, discharge summaries and many more for various hospitals and clinics in the US.

At OTSI, we provide clients with cost effective, efficient and timely work through rigorous training in IT enabled services. We have installed confidential work procedures for meeting regulatory and internal management requirements.

Security: We provide HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services. We have executed technical and administrative actions, following HIPAA regulations, to safeguard the privacy and personal health information of patients. What's more, through latest advances, we can usually attend to any technical difficulties arising in the US from our end. As an added precaution, we usually delete voice files every four weeks and the transcriptions every six months. Of course, our clients decide on how long we should archive their dictations and transcription charts.

Using our secure Transcription Application Service Provider (TASP) system, Files to Go, or FTP, doctors have the option of dictating into telephones (landline), cellphones, hand-held or PDAs, Dictaphones/PCs or Hospital/Clinic Systems. We can accommodate 10 to 20 doctors in two weeks.

Fees: Our fees are normally based on turnaround time and per line, where one line is 65 letters, including spaces. With special arrangement, we can also quote per page, per minute of dictation, etc, depending on client preference. There are NO hidden charges. We hold the Billing Method Principles approved by the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance in 2001. The real rates come out very inexpensive in comparison to in-house or other outsourced agencies, by at least 25 to 60%, because of our innovative use of transcription methods. Some of our competitors charge per hour of work - we charge per line transcribed. We believe our system is more transparent and better because the client knows upfront how much a project is going to cost.

We will be happy to quote a price after we determine the "scope of work." It is impossible to provide one set of price when no two clients want the same thing. We should evaluate and get an understanding of where and how can we save costs for the client.

Savings: Our research shows that in-house transcriptions can cost as high as 40 cents per line. By outsourcing transcription services to us, due to low operating costs, our clients are guaranteed to save as much as 25 to 60%, while maintaining utmost accuracy.

General transcriptions will be available for client's review and printing before 9 AM the following day, which is 24 hours turn-around time. Clients can also select turnaround times to meet his needs: 24 hour, 12 hour, etc. Client may choose different default turnaround times by report type or can specify that with each report.

For General Transcription (GT), we have assigned teams each specializing in all other types of general/business voice transcription.