Legal Transcription

For Legal Transcription (LT), we have had extensive experience since 2007 doing legal services for over 50 law firms based in the USA.

Transcription: Examination Before Trial (EBT); Unified Court Hearings (Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Housing Court, Family Court); Board of Education Suspension Hearings; Equal Employment Opportunity Court; Division of Human Rights Court; Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board; and Interviews.

Paralegal services: The preparation of: Affidavit of Service, Amended SC, Bill of Particulars, Amended Bill of Particulars, Closing Statements, and Compromise Order, EBT Reports, EBT Digests, FOIL request, Lawyer's Letters, Medicare Info, Medical Records (gather documents, follow-up, Summarize injuries for B/P), Motions (to dismiss, to strike, to substitute, amend summons and complaint), Order to show cause, Request for Medical Narratives and/ or follow-up, subpoena, Summons, Complaints and supporting Affidavits.

Contacting: We contact witnesses, experts and clients: Set appointments, Update contact information, Request for medical narratives and/ or follow-up, and Inquiry.

Research: Check court for medical records, NYSTLA Transcript request for expert.

Letters: Letters of Medical Necessity: Physical therapy, Range of Motion, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Infrared, and others, depending on the type of treatment rendered.

We can do all other legal jobs as may be requested by our clients.

Our complement/capacity: We currently have 20 legal transcriptionists, eight editors, two QAs with varied experience from 1 to 7 years. Our capacity is 35 seats per 8-hour shift at peak level.