Frequently Asked Questions

Why outsource to the Philippines?

Do your transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes, all of our transcriptionists and other staff sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before working with us — effective for up to two years after their disassociation from the company.

What quality measures do you undergo?

We have three levels of word-by-word quality check performed by our senior editors and proof readers. The Transcribed Documents are checked for any spelling errors, omissions, and formatting, etc., before they are uploaded.

Do you employ sub-contractors for our transcription work?

No, all transcriptions are processed in the OTSI office premises, either by us or by our own affiliates in the Alliance, so we have better security and control over client information.

What security measures are taken while transferring the data?

While clients send dictations from their computers to our secured servers or when their dictations are downloaded by our administrators from our US dial-in servers or FTP servers, 128-bit SSL encryption of data or 256-bit AES encryption of data is performed.

Are there any redundancies for your dictation and FTP servers?

Yes, our secured servers are built with fault-tolerant, mirrored drives. So we have a ready redundant system in case of any failures and a backup system if primary system fails.

How can I be confident of your Internet security issues?

All communications between client's computer and our server are protected with Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). No one can -listen in- the conversation between the computers. Client can confirm this by looking for the little padlock icon used by your browser to designate a secure site. When a client registers with us he can get the advantage of this security and be assured that his data and patient information will be encrypted.

What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made by check, wire transfer, or other methods.