What our students say about us:

OTSI School

I am glad to have pursued a Medical Transcription course at OTSI. Through their online program, OTSI provided me that wonderful opportunity to learn from the comforts of my own home and to work without sacrificing health and time for family. Though far removed from the ideal classroom setup and interaction, the mentors at OTSI go out of their way to make their students feel connected and at ease. My mentors not only instructed and equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed for this career, they have also lent their ears and have given unwavering understanding. OTSI surely will mold you to be your best. I feel truly blessed and thankful for my OTSI experience.
~Angela, MD, 2022

I enrolled at OTSI at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hearing their stories about how they shifted from holding face-to-face to online classes, my instructors did an amazing job, not to mention that they would adjust to their students’ availability without compromising quality of the curriculum. I appreciate that they still keep in touch with their students even after graduation to provide really helpful tips and advices on where to look for employers and how to land a job. Thank you and may you continue to inspire MT aspirants!
~Sheena, RN, 2021

"We were truly blessed to have been part of Batch 37. Together with my mother, we underwent rigorous individualized English classes and transcription training. They did not give up on us until we were confident enough and fully-equipped in our new endeavor. Moreover, we also witnessed the transformation of our classmates, and we were gratified to know that the lessons we all learned from OTSI will serve us well, as we embrace the challenges that lie ahead. One unique advantage of OTSI are their customized modules, based on one's skill level. They truly reinforced the value of excellence, efficiency and quality in their basic training and OJT program. It is never too late to learn and hone one's skills, especially if you have OTSI as your support system. Thank you OTSI!"
~ Evelyn, RN and daughter Kristi
Baguio, February 2017

"Through a family member, I eyed medical transcription as it potentially gave me the best of both worlds; having a job related to my nursing background, which I could do from home.

OTSI was one of the top searches. They were quick to respond to my queries and were very accommodating. They gave the impression of their genuine interest to make things as simple as possible for their potential students. That made me decide to pick them.

I am so glad that my whole experience at OTSI proved my decision right in so many ways — the fees are reasonable; the instructors were effective, kind-hearted and dedicated to their craft; the training program was very student-centered.

Students get to go at their own pace, depending on their knowledge and pre-training skills and availability. This individualized method proved invaluable especially to me. I was set to complete my MT training the soonest time possible and they helped me achieve that goal without compromising the quality of training I received. In fact, our mentor stated that it wasn't just about getting good scores and finishing the modules; it was about equipping the students with what it takes to succeed as a medical transcriptionist in the real world.

Aside from the memories of having a family while being away from home, OTSI also gave me invaluable life lessons that I took home. With confidence gained from my training, I am excited to jump-start my career as a medical transcriptionist. Thanks OTSI! God bless us all."
~ Haley, RN
Pampanga, August 2015

"My learning experience with OTSI was wonderful! They opened my eyes to a lot of new opportunities, broadened my perspective and boosted my self-esteem. The modules were very relevant and well-organized. The flexibility to take the course at my own pace proved invaluable. The instructors were phenomenal, encouraging and extremely supportive. I am happy to have found OTSI. Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals. Cheers!"
~ Emilie Tibay, DVM, RN, 2014

"Finding a new career after many years of being a homemaker made me decide to take up medical trancription. Being a registered nurse made learning easier and with OTSI guiding me every step of the way in my two-month training, I am fairly confident that I will soon land a job and be off to start a career that will not only utilize what I have learned in nursing school but will pave the way for me to start a new life as a working mom. Hats off to OTSI for making sure that I have new wings to fly!"
~ Liza, RN, 2014

"Days quickly came and went and we finally received our certificates! Our respected instructors gave so much of their time and effort to teach us. We truly learned a lot! We thank the Lord, our family and friends, our classmates, and the OTSI staff. We were so blessed to have spent time with you all!"
~ Aida, Batch 28, 2014

"My friend Denisse and I are BS Biology graduates. I wasn't able to go to medical school due to financial reasons. Denisse on the other hand, was partially blind. We couldn't find work related to our field, which made us more frustrated. When Denisse found OTSI on the net, we didn't hesitate to enroll. That was the best thing we ever did next to going to medical school. OTSI opened a lot of doors for us. I'm proud to be a graduate of OTSI, and among the pioneers of the health care documentation industry here in the Phillipines. With OTSI'S credible team of trainers and good facilities, we're fully prepared and ready to take on the challenges that may come our way."
~ Pam and Denisse, BS Biology graduates, 2013

"Yearning to make a career change and veer off from the usual corporate drivel, I enrolled at OTSI to become a medical transcriptionist. OTSI helped me complete the transition and equipped me with all the skills needed to become a successful MT, even though I didn't have any medical background. The classes are very informative yet fun, providing both theoretical and practical lessons to fully prepare students for employment. After four short months, I was hired. Fifteen months later, I progressed from transcription to editing. Thanks to OTSI! I highly recommended them!"
~ Ciella, Batch 23, 2012

"I enrolled at OTSI with the idea of ending my monotonous 11-year housewife life. After just 4 months of training plus a month of OJT, I was immediately hired by them no less! OTSI changed my life by giving me back the self-esteem and self-confidence that I'd lost through the years. OTSI may seem like a small school but to most of us graduates, it is the institution with a "big heart" to empower people from all walks of life. Keep it up OTSI!"
~ Kris Cortez, Batch 16, 2010

"...OTSI's English and Medical booklets were written and compiled by a credible team of teachers and physicians who also served as our effective lecturers. The best part about OTSI's curriculum is the OJT which exposed me to a number of dictation files that developed my motivation, patience, alertness, resourcefulness and sense of accuracy. I am proud to be a graduate of OTSI. Now that I have been employed by an MT firm within two weeks after I have completed the course, I came to realize that training at OTSI really made a big difference."
~ Jaylan Reyes, Batch 13, 2009

"Nearing 40 years old and unemployed, I wasn't sure what sort of work I could possibly find that didn't have strict age requirements. Somebody suggested medical transcription. I looked for a school and found OTSI by chance. It was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I initially had my apprehensions about the course, having had virtually no medical background, and very dated computer skills. My worries vanished as soon as I started. OTSI has given me all the necessary skills and knowledge one would need to become a competent MT. Barely weeks after finishing the course, I found employment as an MT! Age is never a barrier. One of my classmates was a 72-year-old lady. I even finished top of my class! I had a problem and the solution was the OTSI education: guaranteed quality training, not to mention an instant family by my side! Thank you!"
~ Gladys Sia, Batch 9, 2009

"Their curriculum is one of the best in the country, providing me with all the tools that I needed in order for me to compete in the Medical Transcription industry. Management support has been incredible. They have been supportive and continue to do so long after I have graduated. OTSI has equipped me with the necessary skills that landed me my first job in MediCall, one of the most prestigious medical transcriptionist firms in the country. OTSI has paved the way for my Medical Transcriptionist career. I highly recommend OTSI! If you want to fast track your career enroll in OTSI. Be a medical transcriptionist the OTSI way!"
~ Patrick Puzon, Batch 8, 2008